McLaren 570S

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3.8 L Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-8
562 @ 7500 RPM
0-60 MPH
3.2 MPH
443 @ 5000 RPM
Rear Wheel Drive
7 speed Auto-Shift Manual w/OD


Slide in behind the wheel of the McLaren 570S and you will be taken away on a whirlwind of speed and performance. The ultra lightweight frame is made of carbon fiber, giving it a competitive edge on the track. Meanwhile, the mid-mounted V8 engine roars to life and delivers an astonishing 562 horsepower. Merely put your foot on the gas pedal and you will be swept up from 0-60 mph in 3.2 mindblowing seconds. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as feeling the McLaren come into its peak performance space and carry you along at speeds up to 204 mph on our track.

As you drive, you'll notice that the McLaren has some unusual attributes, starting with the mid-mounted engine. By moving the engine to the center of the car, the center of gravity is more balanced and lower, and your control of the car is enhanced. There is virtually no body roll as you cut deep into the corners. You'll notice that the car accelerates rapidly and settles into a pleasant hum as you reach its true power band. This car wasn't built for stop and go. It was built to drive wide open! The Seamless Shift Gearbox is designed to get you there with smooth efficiency, and you won't be disappointed.

If you're looking for a driving experience like none other, you need to take a few laps in the McLaren 570S. This one of a kind super sports car is world renowned for its unbeatable power and incredible handling. Drive like you've always dreamed of driving.

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When was the last time you drove a supercar on a closed professional course, at over 140 mph?  When was the last time you felt the g-force pressure pushing you back into your seat as you take a corner flat-out?

The team at Miami Exotic are so in love with the art and design of exotic cars so much, that we built our business around it for people like us! We make the dream of racing these ultra exclusive cars possible for everyone. It is common knowledge that only a select few have the financial means to purchase their own exotic car; so it is Miami Exotic Auto Racing’s goal to bring this dream to a reality. Drive a McLaren! Drive an Audi R8! Drive a Lamborghini Gallardo! Drive them all!

In fact, buy laps for your favorite dream car, or get multi-car/multi-lap discounts when you drive more than one of your dream cars on the same day. Our highly experienced pit crew services all of our cars on a daily basis to ensure you get best possible exotic race car driving experience.

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